channels4 profile removebg preview e1703342518632Funding Pips, a prominent proprietary trading firm, offers a range of account sizes and an attractive profit-sharing model for traders. This article delves into their services to determine their position in the market.

Diverse Range of Account Sizes

Funding Pips caters to traders of varying experience levels and capital by offering four distinct account sizes, ranging from $10,000 to $100,000.

Lucrative Profit-Sharing Model

Traders who secure a position, known as the ‘Hot Seat,’ within the firm, enjoy on-demand payouts and an impressive 90% profit split.

Exclusive Discount Opportunity

To make their services more accessible, Funding Pips provides a 10% discount with the coupon code “CELEBRATE10”.

Three Key Development Stages

The firm emphasizes the growth journey of traders, dividing it into three essential stages: Student, Practitioner, and Master.

Positive User Feedback

Funding Pips has garnered praise from users, reflecting their dedication to prioritizing traders’ interests and needs.

In conclusion, Funding Pips offers favorable conditions for traders seeking a prop trading firm. With a range of account sizes, competitive profit-sharing, and a structured growth path, they present an attractive option. The available discount further enhances their appeal, while positive user reviews underscore their commitment to traders.

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